Who Is Leslie Gallery-Dilworth?

headshotAs an architect, landscape architect, and urban planner she was elected to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows.

Other achievements have included:

• Served for 12 years as the CEO of SEGD, (the Society for Environmental Graphic Design)

•Founding editor of the award-winning publication segdDESIGN

•Founded  and directed Philadelphia’s Foundation for Architecture, a civic platform for urban planning and participation

•Served on the board of the American Architecture Foundation

•Overseer of Penn Design at the University of Pennsylvania

•Selected USA Fellow by National Endowment for the Arts and the recipient of 3 NEA design grants

By integrating family and career into one (mostly) ideal life, Leslie has designed and constructed her own personal masterpiece.

Having studied architecture in what was traditionally a man’s field, (think of the show ‘MAD MEN’ and that pretty much was the attitude towards “women in the workplace” at that time), she struggled with integrating family and the needs of her children, with the demands of a challenging professional career. And Leslie wasn’t going to be anyone’s secretary!

Eventually, Leslie was able to rise above both the obstacles AND the stereotypes! From becoming a registered architect, to creating and overseeing the “Direction Philadelphia” (the city’s award-winning direction and attraction sign program), to even having dinner with Prince Charles, (yes, THAT Prince Charles), Leslie proved that she could live the life she had always dreamed of…and so can you.