The 5 C’s of Success

Surely you wonder why some people are more successful than others. You ask yourself, How did Jane ever connect with Ms. Big Shot? She knows everyone, how did she make that happen? Consider these tools in your toolbox: Curiosity Conversation/Chat Contacts/Connections Choices/Chance/Coincidence Courage/Confidence 1. Curiosity Be curious! Curious about the new technology that may be a challenge. Curious about the stranger sitting next to you. Curious about the picture on the wall behind the desk of the person with whom you are meeting. Curious about what the teenagers are thinking. Curious about new opportunities. Curious about pushing your own limits. [...]

In your life, what have been the major most challenging decision points?

Choices which have shaped your life? Decision points are rarely as cut and dried as they are in this true story. Today, December 10, is the  74th  anniversary of my mother’s and father’s meeting each other. My mother was engaged to be married (to someone else) on December 31. Seven days after their first meeting, my father impetuously asked my mother to marry him. On Dec 24 they eloped. Yep, 6 days before her wedding. This is a true story of love at first sight. and extremes: passion vs security, the acceptable and expected vs the unknown. Now, this was [...]

Book Signing

Leslie signing books.