leslieLeslie has little tolerance for complainers, when she sees a problem, she turns it into an opportunity. Having this mindset has enabled Leslie to make the choices needed to build a preferred future, a life built on possibilities without accepting limitations.

Being a licensed architect, Leslie has never built a building (except her home), and yes that, may surprise some. But what Leslie has built are successful organizations, projects, publications, public events, lectures and even resurrected a failing national campaign!

While her journey may appear to wander from the traditional sense of an architect, the ‘framework’ has always been the same. Rather than taking the most direct expressway or turnpike, she opted to take scenic routes and side roads. Being open to possible detours and learning how to overcome obstacles when confronted with them on her journey, has helped to make her who she is today.

With her proven techniques, others have learned how to create an ideal life whether in business, community or personal. And now you can as well! If you are interested in attracting more possibilities by applying the principles of design to change your circumstances and create your ideal life, contact her today!