“I have to admit, once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. Leslie’s story is one of goals, dreams, and accomplishments. I also loved the fact that she provides a summary of the points she wanted to make at the end of every chapter. Man, this woman sure has done a lot!”
~ Kevin Neff,   Best-selling author and branding expert, Virginia Beach, VA

“Leslie Gallery-Dilworth speaks honestly of her life experiences with candor as well as humor. She recommends that we should “design” our futures and succeeds in giving us ideas on ‘how to.’ – Even if we are not architects. It is useful and enjoyable to read.”
~ Rona Kiley, Cambridge, MA

“Short, to the point narrative full of good examples of how a professional woman has taken charge of her life.”
~ Christopher Clews, Portsmouth, NH

“What an inspiring read and a great way to look at one’s life! The concept of work / life integration versus balance has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of viewing how I operate on a daily basis. As a mother myself, I admire Leslie’s candid stories about her experiences raising children, while still forging a path in the workplace. This book is incredibly easy to digest, but certainly doesn’t skimp on morsels to walk away with and apply to your daily life. You can indeed make your own luck!”
~ Sarah S., Atlanta, GA