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Leslie uses her personal and humorous stories to illustrate how women (anyone really) can apply the ‘principles of design’ to change their circumstances.  Her inspiring words and experiences help women everywhere to understand that THEY ARE the designer of THEIR LIFE, making it possible for them to live a life by design, not a life by default!
That’s the message author and speaker, Leslie Gallery-Dilworth shares in her signature talk and workshops. Drawing upon her life experiences, she shares her stories and insights with a comedic approach, awarding her audiences with a fun, uplifting  and most of all, productive experience!

Leslie, has lectured in cities around the USA, Europe, Asia and South America!


Leslie’s Signature Talk

Making Your Dream Life Your Real Life.  LUCK is not a Plan for Your FUTURE!

One of the biggest misunderstandings today is that people who are successful got there through luck!  The truth is luck has little to do with it.  Luck is not a plan for your future. But you can ‘design’ your tomorrowstarting today! You can do so by applying simple ‘design’ techniques to make your life goals and dreams become your new reality.

Simple but Effective Tangible benefits for the audience:

The audience will go away with a simple process for identifying and achieving their dream, whether it is living where they want, or working where they want, or integrating family and work.



“Listening to Leslie share her stories makes you think about your own business and life, and what you can do to improve it. She is very funny and has a special demeanor that makes her so very likeable. Your audience will be laughing and yes, they will be reflecting too. When looking for an expert who can make your audience feel, engage and move forward, choose Leslie”.
~Pierrette Raymond, Ottawa, Canada
Founding Franchise Partner of 1-800-GOT-JUNK
CEO of Moving Forward Matters, Ottawa’s Premiere Home Transition Service
Author of “Ferrari, Food or Family – Which Are You Putting First?”

“Leslie Gallery-Dilworth is that special combination of qualities that entrepreneurs/leaders/learners must always seek out:  great credentials, vast experience and achievement, coupled with wit, charm, and above all, the ability to point us toward doing what is EFFECTIVE!  I’ve bought over 50 of her books and expect to buy a hundred more.  You must hear her speak and read her book!”
~Jack L. Werner, Ph.D., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner of A to Z Inspections


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